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 Known as Japan’s Second City, Osaka is often tragically overlooked as second fiddle to Japan’s larger, more infamous capital. But if Tokyo is the somewhat cold, impersonal, New York-esque metropolis of the North, then Osaka would be its laid-back, outgoing, and distinctly quirky counterpart to the South – and many feel that its more casual and friendly atmosphere is more conducive to making friends, chatting with locals, and enjoying the more authentic side of what Japanese culture has to offer.

The South

6 schools

Home of the now world-famous tonkotsu-ramen, this often-overlooked region has a great deal to offer those looking to explore off the beaten path. For those who like to relax in style after working hard, tropical Island Okinawa is less than 2 hours away by airplane from Fukuoka Airport!

Osaka/ Kansai

28 schools

People from the Kansai area are known for their down-to-earth nature and sense of humor. This area offers a striking contrast between the neon signs and bustling nightlife of Osaka with the world-famous serenity of the temples of Kyoto. Do as the locals do and sample the local comfort food takoyaki (fried octopus balls) for a price that certainly won’t break the bank!

Tokyo/ Kanto

134 schools

Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis that seems almost impossible to explore in its entirety. World-class shopping, nightlife (and not to mention some of the best restaurants in the world!) are not all this area has to offer. For those looking to interact with nature and unwind, peaceful mountain ranges and hot springs can be found just an hour away from central Tokyo.

The North

11 schools

If you like cooler climates, and so much snow that there’s a festival dedicated to the stuff, Northern Japan might just be for you. From the yearly Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival) in Hokkaido and the stunning Nebuta Festival in Aomori to the historical Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, there’s plenty to do and see and do in this beautiful part of the country.
Don’t worry about the cold, you can always keep warm with a steaming bowl of Miso Ramen!


Something for everyone


An exciting, fun, goal-orientated English conversation school equipping students with the tools to communicate and express themselves.


A new type of day care and after-school program stimulating curiosity and interests of students using English.

KidsDuo International

A state-of-the-art international kindergarten with a fully tailored curriculum of English, Japanese and Physical Education.

i Kids Star

Bilingual kindergarten with a strong focus on active elements inspiring the next generation of bright stars to become influential contributors to a global society.

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