We want to ensure all our foreign teachers are comfortable living and working in Japan. With that in mind, YARUKI SWITCH Group offers extensive support throughout everyone’s career enabling each individual reassurance and comfort.

YARUKI SWITCH Group has a specialized bilingual support team, specifically focusing on solving foreign teachers’ individual needs. The team caters to providing solutions to VISA questions, housing support, career advancement, and so on.

From your first day at YARUKI SWITCH Group, you will be welcomed by our support team for a full-day On-Boarding Orientation. Going forward, there is continuous support for all teachers regardless of whether you are new to the country or not. We believe that it is important for all staff to feel secure in order to perform to their best.


YSG will fully sponsor your VISA before you leave for Japan.
We provide guidance for all documents and procedures involved for your ease and comfort.


Looking for housing in Japan can be a stressful and expensive experience, especially if you are not familiar with the language or customs. We can provide affordable, furnished accommodation to make your transition into Japan as smooth and as comfortable as possible.


Your first working day with YSG will be a full-day On-Boarding Orientation, where we will provide a more detailed outlook on the company, as well as giving you guidance on navigating your way around your new life in Japan.