Training and Development

Whether it be Kids Duo, WinBe, or Kids Duo International, fully-paid, comprehensive 2-3 week training is provided by our experienced training teams in order to make sure you get off to the right start with YARUKI SWITCH Group.

Our focus is on hands-on, practical training in real classroom settings where you can gradually hone your skills to become a comfortable, independent YSG teacher. There is also continuous training delivered via workshops and seminars that allow instructors to share ideas with each other for further development.

For many new employees, working with YARUKI SWITCH Group as English instructors will be their first teaching job. As a company dedicated to learning and education, we commit ourselves to developing professional skills in each individual employee.

From Our Trainers

Wesley Christenson

Our motto at Kids Duo is 'Play in English, Learn in English,' and our training is focused on equipping new staff with the mental skills and considerations to provide kids with exactly that opportunity. Trainees will be provided with the education and on the job experience over a 16-day period to best prepare them to create and maintain a fun, English-immersive environment in which our kids will learn to be global citizens of Japanese origin.

David Doran

At WinBe we educate our students to use English as a tool for life's challenges. The WinBe training is split into two parts. 1) Start-up training, where we focus on the theory of teaching lesson in the WinBe style, while also testing our lesson planning skills and taking the first steps before getting into the classroom. 2) On the Job training (OJT), in this week you will get the chance to polish these skills and learn new techniques from our experienced OJT trainers.
Together, these 2 weeks give our teachers the building blocks to become teachers that are respected and admired by all at their schools.

KidsDuo International
Peter Hong

The training at Kids Duo International (KDI), gives you the platform to take our structured curriculum and create your own unique lessons within that. A teacher here will be with the same group of students for the whole school year, giving them the opportunity to develop a real understanding of the best way to help their group of students learn and grow whilst creating a real bond with them.